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Singapore Transportation is well equipped and varied with public transport system. Tourists would find numerous transport available in Singapore to choose from like using metered taxis, the MRT subway system or the convenient bus services. Getting around in the city on the water by ferry or bumboat is quite interesting. There are a number of airlines that fly into Singapore's ultramodern Changi International Airport - which is one of the best airports in the world. It's certainly one of the most heavily trafficked, with a glut of facilities ranging from 24-hour meditation centres to boutique shopping. With lots of visitors to Singapore combine their stay with a visit to Malaysia, one can travel between Malaysia and Singapore very easily by bus. There are perfect air-conditioned buses linking to almost all large Malaysian cities with fares being inexpensive.

Singapore Transportation offers with many modes of transportation which help to get around in Singapore. Of the many transport available in Singapore two of the least expensive ways of getting around in Singapore are by bus or Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). Singapore is the southern terminus of Malaysia's rail system and there are three trains a day to Kuala Lumpur (four on weekends).

Various Transport available in Singapore

Buses in Singapore

Before trains came along buses have been the preferred way of traveling. Earlier the buses were slow and the heat made it all the more undesirable. After upgradation the bus Singapore transportation have become smooth and inviting. The country has a wide-ranging bus network with frequent services which is cheap and simple to use.

Singapore Taxis

Taxis are the easiest ways to go around Singapore, though more costly than the rest. Taxis can be flagged on the streets or at taxi stands located at all train stations, malls and hotels. Air-conditioned taxis are abundant with over 100,000 available.

SIA Hop On Bus Service

Singapore's premiere world-class airline, Singapore Airlines, has teamed up with two of the country's leading tourist attractions, Clarke Quay and Sentosa, in making it easier for their passengers and the country's visitors to travel between them. This network allows visitors to explore the entertainment hubs between the banks of the Singapore River to the leisure and recreational facilities in the popular island resort.

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit, SMRT, MRT

The MRT network is the most convenient and quickest way of getting around the island. Stops are frequent and it will give passengers an idea of the lesser-known areas of Singapore. This service is undoubtedly very popular.

Singapore River Taxi

Another was of getting around, since Singapore is "on" the water, is the bumboat which takes passengers on a thirty minute ride along the waterway in Singapore.

Singapore Trolley

Singapore has a Tram system which is a mode of transport that caters to the shopaholics and the tourists alike. The introduction of the Singapore Trolley Tram makes it easier for tourists to travel around the tourist spots of Singapore.

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