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Popularly known as the food capital of Asia Singapore has a variety of places to eat and enjoy. Eating is a national pastime in Singapore. Singapore food is varied from Malay, Chinese, Indonesian, Peranakan, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Korean cuisine, and more. Singapore is also known for its vast array of hawker stalls and Singapore restaurants that range from global franchises to gourmet delis to posh six-star settings. The country also promotes Singapore food with endless food promotions and tours, including the Singapore Food Festival in July.

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People of Singapore are obsessive about Singapore food and eating. It's evident as almost in every corner of the island, one will find an endless variety of food, served hot or cold, at any hour of the day (or night). Singapore being a cosmopolitan and multicultural city, visitors can expect a combination of flavors from around the globe. Singapore's cultural diversity is very much reflected in the variety of food in Singapore it has to offer - Chinese, Malay, Indian, Peranakan and much, much more.

In the country food in Singapore and entertainment often go together. Singapore restaurant offer both excellent food and entertainment options, thus enabling you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Tourists just love the atmosphere and the food paradise. Singapore food is well appreciated by every Singaporean and visitor alike. The country offers residents and travelers every type of Singapore restaurants. Singapore has from hawker centers that sell very good cheap food to some of the best restaurants in Asia.

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