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Singapore is vibrant cosmopolitan city with various people of Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians origin live here. The country has a colorful mix of cultures, with Western influences, creates an amazing mix. This uniqueness of each culture is celebrated with Singapore events in its own special way. Singapore's has a full calendar of Singapore events showcasing a range of cultural celebrations. The multicultural people of Singapore celebrate Singapore events with all the passion and enthusiasm.

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List of Singapore events


This Singapore event takes place in the honor of Lord Subramaniam, and on this Day of Atonement devotees offer thanks or fulfill vows to the idol. It is held at Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple and Sri Thandayuthapani Temple in Little India region which is accompanied by a long, remarkable procession of Hindu penitents carrying 'kavadis' by piercing their bodies with hooks and barbs and marching from Serangoon Road to Tank Road.
Date: 31 January

Chinese New Year

This festival is celebrated according to the Chinese's calendar and is an exceptionally festive time for Singapore. It is the bets period to be here in Singapore but its best to book your accommodation early. The festival is marked with festivities taking place all over the city including the amazing Chingay Parade, music and dance performances, fireworks and a multitude of other parades.
Date: January or February for 42 days

Singapore Fashion Festival

Tourists to the city can have a great time at the fashion festival which is the season's preview of the trendiest colors, fabrics and styles, showcased a through a series of fashion shows and exhibitions. This festival also marks the launching of many new products. This period is also a great time to shop in between the visual feasts and take advantage of the various promotions.
Date:March and April

Singapore Arts Festival

This Singapore event is a diverse mix of dance, drama and music from around the world. Also keep an eye out for the fringe events held at venues all around Singapore.
Date: June

Dragon Boat Race

This festival is held at Marina Bay which commemorates the death of a famous poet who drowned himself to protest political corruption. Teams from around the world compete for honours.
Date: May or June

Singapore Food Festival

The food festival takes at various venues which are a melting pot of exciting cuisine; Chinese, Indians Malay and more are all represented. Visitors can take part in the opening celebrations from 2 to 4 July at Parco Bugis Junction where an entire air-conditioned street will be converted into a giant buffet.
Date: July

Great Singapore Sale

It's a wonderful time for tourists who love shopping with many stores offering spectacular mark-downs and special discounts.
Date: May to July

Hungry Ghosts Festival

This festival is held as the Chinese believe during this period the souls of the dead roam the earth, causing people burn incense in order to be blessed and not to be disturbed by the spirits. The Chinese opera performances and offerings of food are dedicated to the spirits.
Date: August or September


This festival is a very important Hindu holiday held in the Hindu month of Aipasi, which is between the solar months of October and November. Little India's streets and temples are festooned with lights and garlands while crowds pack the Sri Mariamman Temple to watch the barefoot Hindu devotees walk across a pit of red hot embers without showing any signs of pain.
Date: October or November

Singapore River Buskers' Festival

this festival sees talented street performers from around the world gathered on the walkways of Orchard Road, along the Singapore riverbank and Marina Bay for this festival. Visitors can enjoy fantastic street theatre, comedians, contortionists, magicians, mimes, sword-swallowers and jugglers, all set against the glittering backdrop of the city.
Date: November


Christmas is celebrated throughout Singapore and the whole city decorates its shops and streets to celebrate the occasion.
Date: 25 December

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